Hi all,

A couple years ago I moved out of my first primary residence and started renting it.  I'm currently trying to sell it, and some strange issues have come up.

The house is a single-family according to the County, but shares a driveway with two townhouses, and the developer set it up as a condominium complex in the legal description. An HOA is listed by name in one of the legal documents, but no organization actually exists in reality. Therefore, the title company and lenders for potential buyers don't have an HOA contact.

I spoke to a real estate attorney who said I just needed to sign up for an EIN with the IRS in the name of the HOA, then bring the CC&Rs to a bank to start and fund an account with that EIN. I'm wondering first if it's really that easy, and second how to set up HOA contacts? Can I be the contact for lenders and title companies to get in touch with for information for sale of my own home, or does it have to be one of the other owners? And how do I shift that role to one of the other owners after I sell?

Attempting to sell this property has been a strange journey.  I'll appreciate any advice.