Alabama Tax Sale Ejectment Attorney

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Hello, Recently purchased an over the counter tax sale and looking to have an attorney file for an ejectment. I have found one so far but because his schedule is so packed I think I will try finding someone else. Does anyone know a good lawyer that handles this type of situation in Alabama.

Account Closed, Here are several, arranged in alphabetical order. Don't be afraid of the the "big name" law firms. The rates are usually competitive with smaller firms and sole practitioners.

Greg Deitsch at Sirote & Permutt in Bhm

Will Hereford at Burr & Forman in Bhm

Lee Johnsey at Balch & Bingham in Bhm

Bill Justice at Wallace, Ellis, Fowler and Head in Columbiana

Cliff Mendheim at Prim & Mendheim in Dothan

Mark Pickens in Bhm

Walter Scott at Galloway & Scott in Bhm

Henry Walker in Bhm

I don't have anyone in Montgomery or the Coast to recommend. Usually any attorney who does bank foreclosures also does ejectments for them. The tax sale ejectment is a little bit different, but not enough to be significant.