LLC Being Sued in Michigan - Looking for Attorney

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Currently being sued for a frivolous lawsuit by ex-tenant and the suit was being handled by Insurance Company (top name) whom I have both Landlord's insurance and Umbrella insurance through. However Insurance company today served us (LLC) with a legal suit to get basically out of some parts of the tenant's lawsuit and including passing legal fees to us. In Michigan, near Brighton - looking for recommendations for an outstanding lawyer to help sort this out.

@Dan Barli thanks have searched without my luck. Hoping for a recommendation from the BP local community. Also seeking any advice especially regards to the insurance company’s antics of suing a policyholder that has been with them 10 years. Thanks in advance. Stan

@Wayne Brooks   without knowing details who knows whats happening.. but usually you have affirmative coverage or you have an act that your accused of that is not covered.. that as you state could be the case here..