Flip Title company, Attorney in NJ

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Hey BP, I’ve done an extensive amount of research before starting my first flip-does Anyone have a reliable title Company, attorney and cpa for Your flips? Any and all information is appreciated.

Hi @Joy Jones , where are you flipping in NJ? Have you interviewed any attorneys, title companies and CPA's yet? Depending on where you are and where you're investing I may be able to make some introductions. 

Thanks for responding Dan. I have a cpa I used for personal tax’s for years-but his information seems inconsistant with info on BP for flips.

I will flip in central NJ (Piscataway etc) and later South Jersey.

Hi Joy,

If you are looking for any introductions in South Jersey I am happy to make some.  I can recommend CPAs and title companies who work with my clients who are flippers.  As far as I know, they work statewide.