LLC legal name problems

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I have a situation and I am hoping someone might have some advice or provide some general knowledge on the subject. I formed an LLC with a business name that is unique and the preparer inexplicably failed to include a comma after the legal name, I was astounded to discover this one day because I have always included the comma in my business name as a basic form of punctuation and by far and away the format in which most corporations and LLC's represent the legal name of their business. I can obviously change the business name in the state where they formed my LLC, however how legally valid are any of the registrations, agreements, payments, documents, accounts etc. including anything that has my incorrect business name? Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions.

Exact name matters in TX; I can't speak to another jurisdiction. In TX, I might solve that by filing for an assumed name that contains the comma. Many LLCs don't use a comma; and in fact, the IRS omits most/all punctuation when it assigns your EIN.

I guess to simplify the question, is it generally true that if you formed an LLC without using a comma, (in the legal name of the company) and then begin using a comma, are you still representing that very same company in legal terms? it was my understanding that if you changed any part of that exact legal name, you were indeed representing another company altogether. This could obviously create a dilemma for say a contract.