Looking for Indy lawyer familiar with Morris Invest/Oceanpointe

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Contact this guy. I would post his info but BP forum rules says to not post any email or phone number. You can google his contact info. Sorry to hear you need this info. 

Kevin S. Hannon

The Hannon Law Firm, LLC

@Jay Hinrichs Thanks for all your invaluable input in the various Morris Invest threads! I'm another victim coming out of the wood work that was tangled in this ongoing sad mess of epic proportions. It goes without saying that my experience is another rerun of all the problems reported by those who invested with Morris Invest. I invested in four SFRS back in Aug 2017. I can't believe I only came upon BP well after the chaos had transpired. Being a novice real estate investor and OOS in CA. I just didn't know what I didn't know. I tried to follow up several times with MI and OP, only to be fed the same lies they had told countless fellow investors. I'm just going to liquidate the properties "as-is" knowing I'll take a major loss. Fingers crossed because I need all the help I can get.

What a tough pill to swallow. I can only take solace knowing that many potential investors have steered clear of this scam, thanks to various threads from MI investors. I recall the guy with MI case study 2.0, Son D., Dan Glover, just to name a few. I've also contacted Colin Zhou and I'm grateful he responded back. I learned so much in the last few days from BP, mainly from the positive input and constructive criticism. Thank God for this mostly supportive community. I say mostly supportive because there are some comments stating the obvious like...what were you thinking? Or you're screwed...or somewhat along the lines of you deserve it for your lack of due diligence. As i said, the obvious and not really helpful towards keeping my head up the best I can now.

I already filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General in Sep 2018. I know, it took me long enough. I also contacted the office of Riley Williams & Piat, who filed a class lawsuit against MI/Clayton Morris/OP. They asked me to provide details of what happened to me with MI. 

If I have any major updates, I'll try to post it on this thread.