Trailer for hauling things and taxes

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Ok, so I'm thinking about buying a trailer to help haul stuff (mowers, appliances, etc).  It would be used for primarily for real estate, but I'm guessing I would use it personally sometimes as well.  From a tax perspective, how exactly does this work?  I assume that if it was 100% real estate related I could write it off, but being 80% to 90% I wasn't sure how that would work.  Thanks!

Hi Aaron,

If the trailer is used for personal purposes as well as business, then yes, a percentage based deduction would be taken.

If 90% is used for business, then you would write off 90% of it.

The other 10% is not deductible.



Updated over 2 years ago

By deducting, I meant depreciating.

@Aaron Taylor ,  

You might have to capitalize and depreciate the trailer rather than just deducting it. Depends on how much it costs and other factors. Keep that in mind.