Quickbooks Compatible Software/Reports

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We are currently using Quickbooks but I am wondering if there is any type of add-on or software that can be used to create reports that will show everything for a property including purchase price/current value/mortgage, etc. instead of just the income/expenses that are on the P&L. I've recently come across software that will do this type of report I am wanting but I want to be able to use data from quickbooks instead of re-entering all of the information to get the reports.

@Leah Stewart , have you consulted a local QB professional? I used to do accounting for a large church daycare and had some reporting needs. When I called QB (intuit) they suggested reaching out to a certified QB professional from my local area. After an hour session, problem solved. There are some great ways to classify property - we're making our first deal and will be using QB soon for our personal business. 

Good Luck.