Quickbooks: Home Depot connections not working

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Anyone else having problems connect Quickbooks Online to Home Depot? it's been working in the past and just 2 weeks ago the update  stopped working. I unconnected and tried to reconnect still doesn't work. Double checked the correct website connection to HD and that didn't change either. 

Home Depot says they are having issues with Quickbooks, but Quickbooks doesn't give an answer. 


Home Depot integration only brings in the summary, the date, amount and receipt number possibly job name. The service is being offered by Home Depot so QuickBooks will not be able to help you.

You should check out the member benefit for HammerZen. 

That’s all that’s needed. The link to connect QBO to Home Depot no longer works. All other CC update with no problem.  HD has verified its not on their end, and QB has admitted many are having problems, but they don’t have a solution.