Do it yourself Trurst

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I'm curious if anyone here has set up their own trusts (living trusts) without the help of attorneys. There's so much information out there and some sites claim you can do it yourself. There's youtube videos on how to do everything these days, plus freelancer sites where you can hire attorneys to do a quick review. I would like to do it for the sake of understanding how they work, more so than saving money. Although, I would think saving money is also a benefit if it can be done without sacrificing quality. In this case, without risking setting it wrong. Anyone else has experience with this? 

@Diana Villalon

I would never setup a trust myself. If you are going to go through the entire process, wouldn't you want the assurance that it was done correctly? Speak to some local attorneys that do not specialize in trusts and see who they suggest and who they would use themselves.

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