Hello everyone,

There is an occupied 3 unit building I am interested in purchasing with the caveat it can be converted to 4 and leased to 4 separate tenants. I have looked at the property with my GC and he mentioned from a renovation standpoint it is simple. What is an issue is zoning. The town where it is located is strict with zoning and they are claiming we need 2 off street parking spots for every additional 1 unit created. The issue is there is no place to create 2 off street parking spots on the property. 

Is there any way that I can convert into 4 separate units but not have the property zoned and deeded as 4? Can I leave the property as a 3 unit and sublease that newly renovated section to a tenant off of the 3rd unit? Or make some sort of addendum to the 3rd unit's lease that states XYZ tenant will live in the newly renovated section? I have contacted a few local attorneys regarding this issue and am waiting to hear back.

Thanks in advance.