If a car dealership makes an email list of buyers, and those buyers have opted into the car dealerships list to be informed of new cars as soon as they become available...will it be ok to but company name and/or logo that the buyer is affiliated with, on my car dealership page?

The seller of the car wants to know that I have buyers and they also have many companies looking to sell their car, so if I can show the seller that i have a connection in some way to many competing car dealerships, they would be more likely to allow me to sell their car.

Is there any disclaimer that I would have to put on the page that lists the companies associated with the contacts that are on my buyer list?

Again, I’m not showing email, i’m just showing a logo or name of the company of which one of many buyers on my email list are associated with.

“My company has no contractual affiliation with any company listed below. Each contact on our buyer list have opted in to receive new cars for sale. All logos shown are the property of their respective company and only posted for illustrative and educational purposes only”

Will this disclaimer be enough to cover possible claims of trademark infringement, etc.?