Hey everyone I have a potentially great deal and I need some creative ideas on how to make this work.


Driving by my local area I saw a 4 plex, basically a duplex and two single family homes attached. So I found the guys address and went to see if he was home, no one was home. the house he lives at is a even bigger rental, in the same condition!! So I for a better word stalked his house driving by every day, and this weekend he was home, I mustered up the courage and knocked.. no answer... then I had a spare sheet of paper in my car, wrote a message expressing my interest in his property, left all my contact info. 2 days no call.. started to get discourage , then this morning I received an email from him!!! We are scheduled to go see his house I initially showed interest in! Very excited I got my foot in the door because it is the definition of a brrrr property!

Where I need your help:

So this gentalman is 85 years old, both houses need work that he is not able to do. So I want to buy this house, but I need to try and get both. What would be a creative way to get this done. I’m thinking about buying this house, and offering to purchase both properties with a clause that he can live the rest of his days out at the house he is currently at rent free and I will take care of the maintenance, but that I can remodel the area he isn’t living.

Let me know if there’s any suggestions?