Do I need a landlord panel if...

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I own a two family and live in the bottom unit. Top unit has their own private washer/dryer and heating system separate from the downstairs. But technically the tenant in the top unit is supposed to have access to basement by law- as the electric panels and water shutoffs are in the basement, -- correct? Or is there a way around this? The basement is somewhat of an extension of the bottom unit, as the washer/dryer and a few storage closets are in the basement- and there is no other reason why the top unit would need to enter. So I need to come up with a solution as I'm planning on moving out soon. I want the new tenant to have sole use of the basement with exceptions of emergency situations. Is this legal or just stupid? I think I'm stuck installing landlord panel just for the basement, but any other ideas are welcomed.

ps. As a side note: There are 2 outdoor lights, but each one is separately controlled by each unit, as they have different parking and walking areas, so there shouldn't be an issue designating these to the assigned units, correct? It seems a little excessive to spend so much money for a landlord panel when only one person is using the lights?

@Anne Kellet what state are you in? Some states require access to the electrical panel (NJ), but many don’t care. I’d first find out if you have to, then think about how many times, if ever, the upstairs tenant needed access. If it’s an older electrical system with breakers tripping often, that might be different than a well-installed system.

As for lights, are they in public spaces, or are they just for that one tenant? It should be pretty easy to determine that.

As for the lights, technically they are in outdoor public spaces, but only used by one tenant. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. I live in Massachusetts, and seems like most laws are pro tenant. I haven't have a single issue so far with the electricity, but luck would have it that it goes as soon as I move out...

Is the lower unit separate from the basement?  If the lower unit is separate from the basement you could have a lock for the basement  that the upper tenant can be given as needed access to breakers. If it is just for breakers a coded lock would work, use one that can either track access or you give them a code and reset as needed.   I am not sure why you would need a landlord panel, moving the panel would be pricey. I would also tell lower unit about this access before renting. If they aren't ok with it then maybe they aren't the right tenant for the space.