What does this mean in this Lease Option contract

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It says this:

1. CONTEXT: The terms Seller and Buyer ad herein contained shall include singular and/or plural, masculine, feminine, and/or neuter, heirs, successors, personal representatives and/or assigns wherever the context so requires or admits.

What does that mean?

I think you may need actual legal assistance rather than soliciting BP input on every clause in one of your contracts, especially on a piecemeal clause by clause basis.  

@Christopher Smith I already did. But, There are no Attorneys investors in my area. They dont think that doing a lease option is possible. So, Im asking on Bigger Pockets. So, can you answer my question?

There are no attorneys in your area yet they don't think that doing a lease option is possible. Seems internally inconsistent doesn't it?

@Account Closed

"They dont think that doing a lease option is possible."

Did you stop and ask why?

Is it a misunderstanding/miscommunication or is it not legal in your jurisdiction?  Or were they not experienced in that area?  Or were you too small for them?

Your attitude is: "They told me something.  I didn't like the answer.  They are wrong.  I will do it anyway."  ???