Canadian investing in Texas

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I am currently in college in San Angelo Texas and have realized how great the market in this town is for rental housing. I want my dad to purchase a house with his line of credit and then I will manage the place, but it seems like everyone I talk to has no idea how this works for Canadians in the states. I am looking for anyone with any expertise on this matter or contact info for someone that does!

I represent many international investors. The key is to setup a domestic LLC that allows for local management. We can work with CPA on tax implications as well. Will @Nick Seginowich be living in a room/unit?

Thank you Ronald, that’s what I was thinking as well! Also I won’t be living in the unit but I will be going to the university in the area. 

Hey brother, have you seen or been to the Meet Up?  The next one will be on the 17th.  Nonetheless, I am not certain but I believe @Amy Zetzman could bring some value to this discussion if not at least know someone who could.