Address(es) for Rental Property LLC

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Newbie here!

I'd like to setup an LLC in Indiana for a rental property purchase and rental. I'll have a property manager manage the property.

For the LLC address (physical and email) and for the business bank account addresses can I simply use my own? I'm in another state and don't need a prestigious address for brand awareness, etc.. (just rental properties). Am I still protected personally from litigation if I use my personal contact info?



Indiana does not require that your domestic Indiana LLC have an Indiana address as your business address. It does require that your registered agent have a physical Indiana address though. Your limited liability protection is not altered by the address of the business so long as you "do business through your business."

@Tom Edwards please note that you may have problems with some banks when you go to open a business checking account. Some require that your LLC is founded in the state where the bank is. Ridiculous, yes, but just shop around.

Hi Tom,

I'm not in Indiana so I can't give legal advice for Indiana but based on my experience, the comments already made by @James Liwski and @Grant R look to be very good. My two cents is that in Colorado, I advise my clients to not use their home address just for privacy concerns. There's no need for a disgruntled tenant to have access to your personal address.