Inheritance tax from seller with no mortgage insurance from 1999

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We are looking to buy this property but the inheritance tax was never paid to the Commonwealth of Pa when he sold the house in 1999. The buyer from 1999 did not get title insurance when they purchased the house. Do we need to get in touch with the seller from 1999 or his relatives to see how they handled the payment of the inheritance tax? How would we buy this house?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Make the offer contingent upon clear title, have the sellers figure it out on their end. Have a preliminary discussion with your title company before making the offer. Worst case scenario, tax owed gets paid out of the sellers proceeds at closing.

@Gregory Hiban normally I would do that. But I forgot to explain that the house was passed on from a guy who died from Heroin over dose in the bathroom. The property passed on to his wife. However the wife can not figure it out. So it's either I figure this out or get some help figuring this out or the house stays in foreclosure limbo.