Can I Invest In U.S Real Estate?

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Hi BiggerPocket Members,

I am a graduate International MBA student from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently studying and playing basketball in Worcester, MA. I have been learning through the help of BiggerPockets about real estate investing for a while now.

I wanted to know if it was possible for I (an Australian citizen) on an F1 VISA could purchase an investment property in the U.S? And if so, what other expenses would I have to incorporate in analyzing a deal? I say this because I’d imagine I will be taxed differently (maybe from both countries).

It would be great if someone from this community could help. Thank you all for your time and happy investing!



@Damien Rance

You can. You need to consult with a CPA experienced in cross border taxation. You need to understand the requirements of entity planning, obtaining ITIN/EIN, making sure all tax filings (federal and state) are being filed, etc. The US has various tax treaties and so you definitely want to make sure you are being advised on this front too. Good luck!

@Damien Rance

naturally you can, you don’t even need any bank if you have some money down and can find a seller that can finance your better wealthier future for you.

You probably just need to start a LLC to protect yourself legally!

I have few residential rental properties in Little Rock, AR that I might finance.

Hi @Damien Rance

@Jordan Sinclair is correct.  Aussies can certainly invest in the US market.  @Lance Lvovsky has some great advice and I also have some Aussie accountants quite well versed in global earnings so this would be a great place to start.  PM me if you need any contact information

Best of luck!



I will talk to a local loan officer to review your income means to prove you have the qualification. If you have assets overseas try an International Bank with US presence. Barclay, HSBC etc. To the mortgage it is just another department within the same system. Most sellers want you to put 20% purchase down.