Potential asbestos - what do i tell the tenant

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There’s a lot to this story but for simplicity sake, let’s start here. A claims adjuster said , from their inspection of the home, that some of the attic insulation is of mineral fiber and likely asbestos. There are no permits on the property so likely no previous testing or remediation. I plan to do asbestos test immediately. But what do I do with the tenant? Do i wait until the results or react now? Do I put them up in a hotel immediately? What do the tell the tenant (trying to minimize any potential litigation)? What is my legal obligation, being in Indiana? How do I reduce my risk? Any “non legal” opinions will be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Paul.  I think you're going to be fine.  Asbestos is more of an occupational hazard from continuous exposure.  

Are you able to deck the attic to encapsulate the asbestos?  Alternatively, you might be able to add a lock to the attic access to make it accessible for maintenance but out of bounds for the tenants.  

Don't disturb the asbestos materials and make sure everyone wears OSHA approved gear, but fortunately it's just asbestos, not ebola.  

Hi Paul, as Nicholas mentioned asbestos is fairly manageable. As long as it is not disturbed the tenant should be fine. 

I just purchased a house in Chicago and underneath the carpeting there was that old linoleum tile. My inspector confirmed that it is most likely asbestos tile. There was hardwood underneath but I decided to put underlayment and luxury vinyl over it (essentially encapsulating it).