High Income w-2 employee/RE Investor seeking CPA recommendations

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Woo, first BP post!

I'm looking for recommendations on a CPA. From what I've heard it really doesn't matter what state they're in as the tax codes are semi-universal(?) I'm looking for a CPA that:

-Knows shelters for high income w-2 earners (well into 6 figures, sales, w-2)

-Specializes in RE investing (Just 1 rental for now...I know! I'm working on it!)

-Can help me tax plan my future RE investing (Goal to begin BRRRRing within 6 months)

-Brownie points if they're from WA state?

Thanks guys!

@Jesse Wolf,

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. 

There are about 20 CPAs and accountants on this site that specialize in real estate taxation.

Reach out to a few and see who you connect with.

Good luck on your journey.