Hey Everyone,

I've been doing some research on expense tracking applications such as Mint, Expensify, Shoeboxed, Wave, etc. and have found that all their products are very similar with only slight differences. Most have a feature of taking pictures of the receipts to store them for later and possibly lift the important data off them. Is this tedious? With the way purchases are going with tap-to-pay with cell phones and smartwatches, shouldn't this process be simplified so it's not even a worry? Would you use a feature that collects receipts without ever having to take a physical one? 

I was getting my receipt from CVS the other day and pretty much got a vertical blind worth of paper. I was just thinking it would be much more efficient if I could just use my cell phone to tap and boom, the receipt is already on my phone. Let me know what you'd think for business purposes or casually when shopping.