Section 1031 Like Kind Exchange Fees

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$800-$1,000 are the prices I hear tossed around for a 1 property sold, 1 property purchased exchange with the sale occurring first. Reverse exchanges will cost more as will selling or buying more than 1 property. 

@John Smeltzer , Pretty much like @Bill Brandt says is the most common range for a 1031.  Here's an article we wrote for BP a few months ago on the topic -

You'll always find each coast a little more expensive and generally companies who do fewer 1031s each year or who have other lines of business (which also causes a related party issue) will be more expensive than a dedicated QI practice.

You can occasionally find a discount "internet exchange".  You can find them occasionally for $495 or so.    But for that you get forms to fill out.  Guidance can be questionable.  So vet thoroughly.

John closing costs depend on what you are selling and what you are buying.

A client for example selling off residential and buying NNN retail through me for a 2 million price point might have 2.5% in closing costs.

Comparatively a 10 million property might have 1.25% in closing costs because with scale legal, report costs, etc. can be cheaper as a percentage of the purchase price.    

1031 exchanges the common exchange method I have seen up the ranges mentioned above. Exception is larger properties can be in the thousands of dollars in fees or if the investor wants to do something not vanilla with 1031 like reverse exchanges then costs goes up more.