Tenant screening fee limit in New York State

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It was brought to my attention today that New York State recently changed the rental laws and landlords are limited to charging  $20 for background checks. I'm renting out my sfh and was planning on using Cozy for tenant background and credit checks but they charge  $40. Can I legally have prospective tenants use this service? 

Great question,  @Suzette Morgan!  I'm not sure about the legality of using Cozy, but I wanted to share what I've been doing recently because I think it might work brilliantly for you!  

I've run my previous few rentals through Zillow Rental Manager and it has been a smooth and brilliant process, ESPECIALLY the tenant screening side.  Through Zillow's new process, the tenant can apply to any number of properties for 30 days after paying the application fee and the background check and credit check go with them.  If you feel comfortable with their screening process, you could advise all potential tenants that you'll use Zillow for their applications and then "rely on" Zillow for the full application process.

It seems likely that this would not incur the wrath of the state because Zillow is the one charging the tenant, but it is also a "universal fee", not a specific fee charged by one manager or landlord.

Anyone in NY have experience with this?