Philadelphia taxpayer Information Addresses

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Do I put my rental properties in the Department of Revenue profile? I currently have my primary address on it and am wondering if I need to add my rental property as a business address or can my business address be my primary location.

Thanks in advance

Do you mean for a ‘Commercial Activity License'? I have an LLC and I think I need a ‘Commercial Activity License' because I plan to rent out my units. Ofcourse I will also need a renters permit.

@Alyse - No, this is for the Business Tax Account Number. From my understanding we would need a Business Tax Account Number ($200 something), a Commercial Activity License, and a Rental License ($55/unit). Commercial Activity License is free. When applying for an Business Tax Account Number on the City of Philadelphia Revenue Department's website, it asks for our business address. I'm not sure if this refers to just a location where they can send mails to or the location of my rental, as I don't want any important mails going there.

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