Looking for CPA for our real estate investments

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Hello BP community!

Does anyone have a referral for a CPA?  We are based in California but our investment is in Chicago.  Not sure if that matters in terms of finding a local / non-local CPA.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations!

@Shirlin Yiu

Are you comfortable working with your accountant remotely? If so you open yourself up to a larger pool of candidates. There are 20+ accountants that specialize in real estate taxation on this site. Reach out to a few and see who you connect with. 

Good luck 

@Shirlin Yiu

Where in California?  I know a bunch in Southern California, mostly San Diego, if you're interested.  Since CA taxes its residents on all their income, you likely want either someone based in CA or familiar with CA laws.  You will likely only need to file a nonresident return in IL, which isn't too complicated.

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