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Hi. Everyone. My apology since this may be redundant post for tax purpose.

So my first condominium recently purchased was just signed for lease agreement. I can at least, for now sleep thru the night. Thank you for those who gave me all the advices. Huge help!

Btw, it’s the end of year but I have saved all the receipts to rehab and services. How should I start getting prepared for tax season in advance?

I would like to speak to some CPA who are specialized for real estate for tax purpose. How do I find the right source instead of random Yelp or Google search around the town in North Seattle?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

I would read through some posts in the tax forums here on BP. 

There are some awesome options for tax pros here- see who you think would be a good fit for you to work with and schedule a consult. 

Congrats on the new purchase @Jay Yoo !

There are some really great CPA's on the Bigger Pockets forums. Most specialize in real estate and work with clients all over the U.S., including Seattle.

Spend some time networking on the forums and I'm sure you'll find the right one!

@Jay Yoo

"How should I start getting prepared for tax season in advance?"

Begin interviewing tax practices now and (ideally) become a client of one before January.  All firms will stop taking on new clients at various points during the spring filing season as part of good workflow management.  At that point you'll either have to self-prepare or file an extension and reach back out to the firms in May.

If you're looking for a local CPA for a face-to-face relationship, asking other investors in your area who they use or for referrals at your local REIA usually works best.

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