Personal Address or PO Box on leases?

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According to Missouri law, it states a landlord must provide in the lease the LL's name, address and telephone number. 

I don't want my tenants knocking on my door with the rent check; I live 45 minutes away and that would be stalking. Not cool. I want to use a PO Box as my address. Would that be sufficient?

It would be awesome to hear an answer or two! Thank you!


I use a PO box here in Ohio, but my LLCs have to have a published address where service can be accepted (eg a process server for a lawsuit or whatever) and a post office box can't be served.   I believe those Mailbox ETC type storefronts can accept service for you, which may be a good option if you want to be compliant. Your accountant or lawyer may also possibly be able to accept legal service.  

Check your local laws - it will lay out what is needed. For example in Oregon there must be an address that a tenant can post a notice for the LL. 

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Well Mary! You have delivered at the speed of lightning, thank you so very much! It seemed so easy for you, how on earth did you manage that?

And if anyone is interested in the answer, it is yes, a PO Box may be used!

@Michael King I use a UPS store address. It can be used for a company address in MD. Legal process can be served there and it can look like a regular address as opposed to a PO box. 

For those who are not in Missouri, I used to use a Mailbox Etc (UPS now?) which listed an actual street address instead of a PO Box.  In one state, I need an actual office or residence for mailing, so I used a virtual office.  They cost about $30-50 a month, depending on your locale.  Just look for "virtual office" in your local Craigslist or Google Maps.  Some even let you use a free conference room a few times a month to meet clients.

If you have a p.o box you use and want it for rent only it is good you have that option.  If you don't collect rent by check and only need it for legal correspondence  I have used a registered agent service which is about $50/ year and they scan the correspondence to you.     It ensures you get service of process for instance when the tenants violate the local ordinances.  An address is required on a state rental registration here. 

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Google :)

Haha yes. The funny thing is when we get into the tunnel looking for the squirrel, we sometimes forget to come out of the tunnel to look for it. As in, I could've easily have typed the same question in the next browser tab. Thanks Mary, and a Hail to you!


I only want to use a PO so my tenants don't know I live in an area that is upscale. Then they would see $$$$ signs. Unfortunately what they wouldn't see is that I live in a house that needs a lot of work and was bought at a distressed price.

I get it that anyone can grab the LLC and find my address online...but not all tenants are rocket scientists.