RE Attorney & tax strategist for business formation in Illinois

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Hi everyone,

I'm a new real estate investor and very excited to be on Bigger Pockets. It's an ocean of information here and I'm swimming in it :-) I'd like to speak with RE Attorney, that's also a RE investor, about forming an LLC. I need legal advise on how to set up my entity with my goals in mind. My first purchase will be in Chicago and my strategy is to buy and hold and perhaps do a few flips. I'd also like to connect with CPA/tax strategy. Would appreciate any recommendation BP fam can provide. Thanks!!!

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Hi @Gbemi Munis ,

Welcome to the ocean of information in BP :)

Your first step of creating an LLC is the easiest. You can go to Cyberdrive, enter your LLC name (make sure it's not already taken), and the processing fee is $150 plus taxes. Then once you find your tax strategist, they will help you determine the tax entity you should operate under.

Hope that helps! 


Originally posted by @Michael Plaks :

@Gbemi Munis

Your #1 choice for a tax strategist should be @Steven Hamilton II.

If for some reason it does not work, you can pick from several non-local expert accountants who contribute to this forum, because most of us work remotely nationwide.

Thanks for the recommendation,.

Wehave an office in the north burbs; however we have clients worldwide and I'd be happy to speak with you.

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