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Hey everyone. Just starting out with out of state investing, gathering my team.

Looking for a real-estate friendly tax specialist in the Wisconsin area. I live in California, so someone who can work well with out of state clients is a plus! Also, if someone owns investments in a particular state, does it help for that tax specialists to be from that state?

@Tadeh Vartan Ian, I have a local accountant (Tina @ who is putting everything in our books. However, we use John Hyre ( (he recently moved from Ohio to Puerto Rico to save on taxes himself) to oversee everything and make sure we're maximizing our tax deductions. John specializes in real estate investors. I absolutely love what he's helped us do. John is definitely one of the best in the industry. Can't recommend him enough. He also hold seminars in Puerto Rico that are 100% tax deductible while giving you and your family plenty of time to enjoy the island.

@Tadeh Vartan Ian, glad to help. If you ever make your way to either Green Bay or Appleton, you should hit up the REIA's in the areas. There's a lot of great people there.

@Tadeh Vartanian

Since you're a CA resident... be sure you have a good CA accountant or at least someone who really understands CA laws.  CA residents will be taxed on all your income in CA versus in WI you'll most likely need to file a nonresident return taxing just the income earned in that state.  California, of course, tends to be more complicated than most other states and have much higher rates (no surprise there).

For WI accountants, try @Daniel Hyman for a good resource

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