Wholesale contracts for Texas

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone has a legitimate wholesale contract template or knows a good resource to get one from.

I know I can go through lawyers to obtain them but I figured I would ask all of you as well to see your opinions. Do you always use the same contract, and simply change the seller and home information on it every time you lock up a home on contract? 



@Jonathan Roughton

I would guess that many wholesalers just use the TREC 1-4 contract, that you can get online. 


My contract was reviewed and reworded, by my attorney to better suit my needs. I would advise that you sit down with an attorney, so you fully understand on how to wholesale, in Texas. It is legal, but only if you follow the rules. 

Thanks John,

I appreciate it, I agree with you and I will take your advice in meeting with a lawyer who specialized in wholesale real estate.

Also, you ever willing to JV in the near future in some homes John? I am always looking to build my network and seeing that you're in Dallas, could be a good opportunity for both of us.


You're welcome.

I appreciate the offer, however I do not do JV wholesale deals.