Domesticating an LLC

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I have a NC LLC that holds title on residential land (in a great location) in NC that will be sold in the near future. I recently relocated to Florida where I plan to conduct RE activities in a LLC. Does anyone have experience domesticating their LLC to another state?

That is not very difficult. You need to have a resolution to change your article or organization and operating agreement, pay the fee to the new state and notify the old state of the transfer/dissolution. Just check before hand that the name is available in the new state. If you do that mid year, you will still probably have to report taxes in both states (in this case FL does not have tax reporting requirement for disregarded single member LLC, I don't know about NC)

However, why would you want to do that instead of creating a new fresh LLC in the new state? You would cut the tie with past liability. The cost is the same. The only burden will be to reopen new bank accounts.

Florida's LLC's do not pay a state tax in Florida so you might want to consider reopening a new one and starting fresh.

You don't even have to have a LLC in the State you are going to be living and there are other options, including anonymous ones, in states like Wyoming, Texas or even Nevada that might be attractive to you depending on what you are planning on doing with your business.