What are the best tax books to read?

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Hey @Jordan Pothier , looks like you're a new-ish dad with two adorable little ones. I'd recommend you start investigating the self-directed IRA (SDIRA) as it relates to real estate investment! Forget boring; this is knock-your-socks-off exciting stuff!

Dyches Boddiford (Google him) is Atlanta-based and offers an outstanding 2-day event on this very topic. Definitely worth looking into!

For the record, I receive ZERO compensation for making this recommendation! I'm just a satisfied customer.

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@Jordan Pothier

Irs publications is a good start. Boring but educational. 

I disagree. They are not written in English even though they do use English words.

90% of the content is exceptions and special rules instead of explaining the basic principles.


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Any good books that I are somewhat interesting and not crazy boring on tax loopholes?

You should try stand-up comedy if you're able to keep a straight face with such request^^^

What are you planning to do? Tax loopholes doing what exactly? Without knowing details for a more specific recommendation, try books by Sandy Botkin. 

Personally, I'd hold on any paid seminars until you get some basics. Dyches Boddiford is awesome but his material is very advanced.

@Michael Plaks I was more talking about tax loopholes pertaining to real estate, I kind of figured that trying to find some type of literature on the topic that wasn't boring would be next to impossible. Maybe there are podcasts or teachers that have some type of content out there that would help a newer player in the REI game. I have consumed quite a bit of literature on a lot of other topics relating to real estate but have been avoiding this topic because I recognize how boring it is and I have to have something that interests me in order to hold focus, thanks for any future info in advance!