CPA Recommendations in Nebrasaka

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Hey everyone,

I was looking to see if anyone has a good CPA they would recommend working with? I am fairly new to real estate investing. I purchased a duplex last July. I rent out the other side and half of the side I am living in. I use part of my unit as a home office and storage for supplies/tools/etc. I've always done my own taxes, but I am thinking this time around my tax situation will be a little more complicated. Any particular questions I should be asking when I am interviewing CPAs or advise as far as things to consider with my situation? All advice, help, and recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Questions regarding the treatment of the househack would be relevant. For instance, how would the basis be calculated? What's the best and most efficient way to track income and expenses? Try to get a feel for the workflow and ease of use.

Look for experience, affordability, and a personality that you click with.