WealthAbility Team as tax strategist - Worth It?

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@Florence Sullivan Hi Florence! I haven't used WealthAbility but have read Tom Wheelright's book on Tax Strategy, I think it was part of Rich Dad Poor Dad book series.

Did come across this post which seemed favorable


Florence, I recommend that you speak with other tax strategists to compare services and pricing. 

There are 20+ accountants on this site that specialize in real estate taxation. Reach out to a few and see who you like. 

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. 

We are a Wealthability / ProVision client signed-on since September 2020. With the third of the ten strategy / fact-finding meetings pending, I wish I'd signed up a year ago. My wife and I are working professionals and this is my early retirement gambit, so we are pretty serious. I have 6 single and MF properties with a 7th under contract and have made some tax and business development missteps that they are helping us to manage, plus advising in setting up our entities and accounting based on a deep fact-finding inquiry on their part. I had run through 4 good but limited accountants before biting the bullet with Wealthability. You are assigned a crack CPA, with an accounting assistant who are overseen by a ProVision principal. ProVision is Tom Wheelright's previous firm that he has trained in his paradigm. So, you are not just getting good accounting and tax strategy guidance, you are getting professionals who are assisting in clarifying and focusing your business and wealth aspirations into dollars.

So, if you are serious and have some experience, you can probably cut a few years off your business development trajectory, and save more than the $15-$20K fee by retaining this outfit.

@Florence Sullivan they certainly have a good service. There are a few forums here with people’s experience. Whichever way people go, we recommend finding tax planners vs tax preparers. Tax preparers are those you’ll only talk to once per year.

Look for year round relationships and ideally a firm that integrates asset protection into their services and/or acts as a center of influence among other professionals who are necessary to get you to a tax free life! Beyond Weathability, look for Certified Tax Coaches as well