How to find real estate Savvy lawyer!

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I am new to real estate investing and beginning to do my research on finding a good real estate oriented lawyer. Any tips on vetting the right lawyer or any connections would be a great help. I am in the bowling green, KY market and the Chicago market.


Cody - my attorney is at Lavelle Law and 100% focused on REI. Handles the blocking and tackling of all transactions and the strategic side of LLCs, Partnerships....etc.

Feel free to DM me for an intro.

@Cody Coll ask the members of the local REIA or club that is in the area you are investing in. There maybe a Facebook group as well. You could also cold call them in your area and see answers back but I would rather focus on direct referrals for those in the niche.

@Cody Coll I am sure @Tom Shallcross 's guy is fantastic. One other tip is that if you have a great real estate agent then they most likely already have a great attorney. This is especially true here in the Chicago area where we are an attorney close area. My attorney Anthony Panzica is on speed dial, and we close around 30-40 transactions a year together. He is on track to do around 750 closings this year, so I would say he is pretty focused on RE!

@Cody Coll - Tons of great referrals above.  I can't help in Bowling Green, but can up here in Chicago.  If you need another one just shoot me a PM.

What's your deal flow like and what type of transactions are you doing?