Targeting a SFH (Tennant Occupied on Month - Month)

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I have located a SFH that I want to purchase for a fix & flip. The home is tennant occupied on a month to month term currently.

What are my options to purchase this home and make sure the tennant is out? Can we draft a PA which calls out the tennant to vacate the home prior to close? Giving the tennant reasonable time to do so (30 - 45 days).

My concern is closing on the property and having a challenge to get the tennant to vacate. I want my contractors in the house the day after I get the close - not spending my time trying to legally remove a tennant.

Would greatly appreciate any ideas or strategies for this.

Thank you BP community.

@Adam Heseltine - You basically have two options: before closing and after closing. And each of these are really just a way of saying "your problem" or "my problem." Even though there are lots of options for getting the current tenants out of the property after you obtain possession; however, you still have to solve that problem yourself. If your ultimate goal is to make this the sellers problem or at least not your problem, I have had good luck with putting a contingency for an empty property.