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Hi everyone,

I am in process of working with a partner to flip houses we have flipped 4 houses so far and we have made a lot of mistakes, more specifically legal issues.

Since our business is new my partner does not want to pay a monthly fee for an attorney since our house flipping is not consistent. I have tried to persuade him to do so but he is hesitant. He wants to pay the attorney per service because of that and later go to a monthly system. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestion or recommendation for real estate attorney who are experienced working with investors, in Northern California, Stockton/Sacramento/Modesto area. I would be happy to connect with them; work as a team together.

I would appreciate anybody that takes the time to read this and gives me a recommendation.

@Nemat Waseem , I think your partner is crazy.  Paying hourly rates instead of a monthly service is nuts.  Does he know how much attorneys charge by the hour???  The mistakes you make cost you a lot more in the long run.  I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with many attorneys in CA except for Parker Stanbury, but they are out of LA, so I can't help with a referral.  I'm sure others here can assist.

I completely agree; but I see his side also. We have only completed 4 deals and barely established an S-Corp. Since our business is not consistent yet, he is trying to save by paying only per service basis because we are not sure when we will get the next project. Once we establish the pipe line for our business it would make sense to have a monthly payment system set up. Nonetheless, I am completely with you! I hope someone see this post here and helps out. I appreciate you, for taking the time to read the post !