Good CPA, adviser in South Florida

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Hi BP community, I am looking for a good CPA/adviser individual or firm, with good knowledge on Probate, trusts (court controlled trust), real estste investments , wealth management and with day traders in the Fort Lauderdale or south Florida area . I have one right now, he is ok but terrible adviser my Financial Advisor is better, hard to communicate with him.


Are you open to working with your accountant remotely? I recommend finding an accountant who specializes in real estate taxation over one that is local. You may want to consider working with your accountant remotely to expand your options. 

I would also recommend looking for a tax strategist who is willing to work with you throughout the year, not just when preparing your tax return. You want an accountant that can help you strategize and who is responsive when you want to know the tax consequences of the decisions you are making throughout the year.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

@Reinaldo Lopez

Some Trusts require a separate tax filing while some trusts don't require a separate tax filing. Trusts taxation is one of the more complex areas within the tax code. Make sure you are working with a CPA who is knowledgeable in trust taxation along with real estate taxation.

Good luck in your search.