why is my w2 earnings high

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ive got my w2 and realized ive earned $169,000.00 from a $22/hour working 96 hours every 2 weeks. when back in 2019 ive earned $41,900.00 on a $19/hour. ive sold some stocks but i didnt get no where close to $100,000.00. i dont want to confront my company payroll, i want to get the people in my company in trouble for falsifying my w2. any ideas?

Sounds like there is some overtime pay happening, and likely if you had any stipend or unemployment type of benefit during 2020 that is showing up as taxable income.  

Does any of that sound likely?

No one is going to be able to offer any value without examining your W-2 and final payroll statement.

Your best bet is to do those things then contact your company's applicable department or individual.