Mechanics lien removal and validity

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Alright guys so here is one that has probabaly been covered before but, I've been mass posting to my investor groups and asking friends to get as much feedback as possible, so, my aunt of 63 years has had damage to her house accrue from the derecho in the mid west. She gets a contractor, dude sucks, still after seven months hasn't finished her roof and siding as of today. So as part of this long drawn out process the contract has another guy doing a different part of the house start butting horns with him. Dude Jack's up his price by about 16k with almost no notice, and my aunt said she won't pay that, it's absurd. So the contractor places a lien against her home.

What recourse would a homeowner have against a mechanics lien placed by a contractor who gave little notice in raising his prices by such a substantial amount. This would be for Iowa, specifically jasper county. I've been posting a lot to get other eyes on it but I plan to research myself, I'm thinking she could counter lein against his property for failure to complete work, but I haven't seen the contract which of course is a crucial step 1a. In any event if any of you guys have any thoughts, please please please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks!

@Collin Lee Johnson I would say first step's would be to look up the mechanic's lien with the Iowa Secretary of State's Office in there Mechanic's Notice and Lien Registry, here to the link to search the registry.

After that get a copy of the contract(s) that your aunt signed with this contractor. And then you can go from there, are far as next steps.