Tenant evictions during covid 2021

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I am currently having problem with a tenant who is not moving out of my property. I have already filed lawsuits for the back rent and eviction. I also have ended her tenancy back in February, however, they are taking advantage of the courts being backed up (I called the courts to see where they are currently processing and they are still in mid 2020). They also have stopped paying the water bill which I'm slowly ballooning up to the thousands.

I live in Maryland and was wondering if I can do anything else besides wait.

We have been able to get government assistance payments for a number of our tenants in other states. That may be an option for you.

Here are some options.

1. Cash for keys. Explain to tenant that if this is not resolved you will be passing their case onto a collections agency. The agency will wreck their credit and make it very hard to rent anywhere else. Doing the amount of tenant placements I do I come across these applicants all the time. They are desperately looking for a place but can't hide their credit and so end up in the hood where landlords need to be more accommodating to get tenants.

2. Wait for the courts.

3. Government assistance. Depending on where you are in MD you may need the tenants cooperation in obtaining this as they may have to do some paperwork.