Recommendations for RE friendly tax agent. Not a CPA.

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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for recommendations for a RE friendly tax agent to file taxes with. I'm not looking for a CPA. I'm currently in the Hampton Roads, VA area but willing to work with someone long distance. The lady I was working with went ghost and so I'm looking for someone reliable. Thank you!


@Maya Torres

Not sure what you call a "tax agent." There is a Federal license of an EA (Enrolled Agent). We're top-tier tax professionals very similar to CPAs and not cheaper than CPAs. I assume that the reason you're not looking for a CPA is the price.

@Michael Plaks Well I do want to look into a CPA in the near future but for right now I just really need someone to do my 2020 taxes. I have 2 properties, nothing crazy, but would still prefer someone who knows about tax breaks, deductions, etc.

Either a CPA or EA would more than suffice for what you're looking for. What I would do is extend your tax return and pay in as needed for federal and state. Then, bring it into a firm that can do your taxes, specifically regarding real estate.

I can personally recommend Small Business Specialists in Virginia Beach:

Their team can just file for you and when you are ready for more services they have that capacity as well. I've used them for decades.