Finding and working with a CPA

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Hey BiggerPockets family! I have multiple income sources coming in (lawn mowing, landscaping jobs, contractor work(through a 10-99), and running a rehab for an investor). Now I'm starting to think I should talk with a CPA. I know finding a great reliable CPA shouldn't be too big of a problem but I was wondering,

what are good questions to ask when interviewing them?

How does the process go when working with one?

Thanks in advance!

@Rafael Perez

One thing to ask would be to see if they have worked with other real estate investors before or if they personally invest in real estate. This will give you an idea if they really do have experience in the field. 

My top 3 would be:

1) How will your firm best keep me compliant?

2) How will your firm provide tax strategies that I can implement?

3) What is the preferred frequency and method of communication? 

I have found that when there is clarity on these topics, it completely changes the client experience.