How to find a CPA that isn't a waste of time?

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Boy, I'm having one heck of a time finding a CPA that doesn't have his or her head in the clouds. I've got a couple of properties in Chicago IL requiring some tax services but you think I was trying to find the formula for grand unified field theory! Any ideas on how to find a CPA that isn't a total waste of time would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Linda Weygant is fantastic but I don't think she is taking on new clients now. She was a podcast guest on number 244.

@Patrick Britton what is the main issue you are running into? Is it sticker shock due to pricing? Lack of service? Lack of advice? 

I went through the process of hiring a CPA firm a few years back, and I really learned that you have two sides of the business. Compliance is the part that all quality firms should get right (filing taxes on time and correctly, etc). Strategy is where it gets tricky. I started needing quarterly strategy sessions and not all CPA firms are set up to give tax strategy advice to investors.