Oklahoma City Real Estate Taxes

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Hi BPers, I am interested in finding out what the Oklahoma City real estate taxes are. I'd like to be able to use this info to analyze deals and possible annual returns.

Thank you all.

The taxes really depend on what school district the property is in. For instance, property taxes are notoriously higher in Edmond, suburb north of OKC. 

You won't be far off using 1.12% of purchase price in your estimations.  As Ben said above there are variations in the burbs but this will get you in the ballpark.

@Forrest Faulconer @Will Fraser @Ben Scott @Jason Gonzales thank you all for your response and feedback, I'll review the info you all share.

Further, do you folks have any good sources (docs, websites, articles, etc.) that can describe OKC neighborhoods? I am interested in getting a better feel for the general vibe, price points, neighborhood highlights/potential and neighborhood cons, and ultimately see if it is Class A, B, C, etc...

Thanks again gents.