In Search Of A Real Estate Tax CPA

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Hello I am a newer investor in search of a Real Estate Tax CPA to help guide my journey in acquiring more properties.  I currently have one single family rental and looking to buy two more properties in the coming future and would like to set up a tax strategy and legal entity.  I live in Minnesota but am open to CPA's in other states as well.  Does anyone know of a CPA that is specialized in Real Estate Tax's that would be able to accommodate a newer Real Estate investor?

Thank you,

Heath Foster

@Heath Foster   @John Woodrich is a CPA who is a successful real estate investor and he gets that you need to balance your tax liability with you need to be able to qualify to purchase more properties. He has a master's degree in taxation and can handle the most complicated situations along with the easiest and you will learn about investing just by talking to him.  You might find another good accountant but you won't find a better one.

@Heath Foster

I did my own until three years ago and I've never felt better about outsourcing something other than property management. He files for us in four states and has been investing longer that I've been alive.