Real Estate Attorney and CPA in Westchester County, NY

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Hi BP Community,

I'm a relatively new investor in Westchester County, NY and I was hoping to gather some names of Real Estate Attorneys and/or CPA's that I can work with to guide my taxes/finances/IRA matters and to help grow my portfolio moving forward. I appreciate all the help, in advance!



Hi, I'm an agent and investor in Westchester I've worked with Doug Smith with Prilolet Law in White Plains on a few deals and have been extremely happy with his willingness to communicate, work together, authenticity and fees. 

You didn't ask for it but my go-to lender (under 5 units) is Allie (Albert) Abietlleo with Quinetessial Mortgage out of White Plains. Extremely responsive, hands-on, and willing to work numbers.

@John Connolly you invest in Westchester? How is it going so far? I live in White Plains, manage 6 rental properties for my family but I invest out of state mostly. You should join the Westchester Real Estate Investors FB group. There is a meet-up tonight actually. 

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There are multiple REI specialized tax pros here on the forums. Almost all work virtually with clients. I'd reach out to a few and see who you click with. I would recommend starting with @Steven Hamilton II or @Jake Hottenrott

@John Connolly

Below are some tips if you are looking for a local CPA.

1) Attend a Local REIA / Real Estate meetup and see who other investors are using as a CPA
2) Network with other investors from your City/State that you find on bigger pockets and see who they use as a CPA
3) Look for CPA's with good google/yelp reviews where 'real estate' is mentioned in the review.
4) Verify that your CPA is licensed. Many 'tax professionals' lie that they are a CPA. 
Here is a link that you can use to verify that your CPA is licensed within the state of New York -

You can open up your search for a CPA outside of your state if you were not able to find anyone using the above tips

Best of luck!