Looking for a CPA close to Denver, Colorado

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@Corina Robin

Your Biggerpockets profile mentions items from being a realtor, fixing and managing your own rentals.

You should discuss with your CPA if you are eligible to claim real estate professional status.

Below are some tips on finding a CPA

1) Attend a Local REIA / Real Estate meetup and see who other investors are using as a CPA
2) Network with other investors from your City/State that you find on bigger pockets and see who they use as a CPA
3) Look for CPA's with good google/yelp reviews where 'real estate' is mentioned in the review.
4) Verify that your CPA is licensed. Many 'tax professionals' lie that they are a CPA.

Here is a link that you can use to verify that your CPA is licensed within the state of Colorado

Best of luck