CPA in San Francisco or Bay are

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There are lots of great tax pros here on BP who specialize in real estate and work remotely. 

Amanda Han's firm is located in California but only taking on selective clients- @Steven Hamilton II and @Jake Hottenrott are also great options who are real estate specialized and can work with clients all over. 

Below are some tips to find a Local CPA that specializes in real estate

1) Attend a Local REIA / Real Estate meetup and see who other investors are using as a CPA
2) Network with other investors from your City/State that you find on bigger pockets and see who they use as a CPA
3) Look for CPA's with good google/yelp reviews where 'real estate' is mentioned in the review.
4) Verify that your CPA is licensed. Many 'tax professionals' lie that they are a CPA.

Here is a link that you can use to verify that your CPA is licensed within the state of California

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